Knowledgeable Print Management

Anyone in a print-buying capacity will invariably deal with a range of suppliers for different needs: business cards from one, brochures from another and exhibition materials from yet another. Anyone using just one manufacturer for their complete range of printing needs will not be getting the best deal financially. This is where knowledge sharpens your competitive advantage. But do you have the knowledge? Forward thinking companies and individuals recognize the benefits of using a print broker for the KNOWLEDGE.

As a highly experienced production manager, Diane knows the steps it takes to:

  • identify project parameters
  • define specifications
  • select printers
  • manage day to day projects
  • creatively solve production issues and problems
  • provide the best quality/price fit for your marketing needs
  • meet your deadlines
  • Keep a sharp eye on the budget.

So, the next time you require printed materials, don't spend valuable time shopping around; let Sharper Images do it for you. Diane know the market. As a print broker, she thinks like a business person, not a sales person. She has the relationships and buying power. Chances are, she has all the expertise you will ever need.